Get to know us, introduction of ours!

Ambecom Technologies limited is a leading Information Technology Company based in Uganda with an intent goal of providing digital solutions using technology. The company was founded in 2019 as an initially software company and later transformed to provide all the IT solutions like web hosting, networking, web designing, IT support, consultancy, Computer training and many other IT services. 

With emphasis on productivity of quality solutions and people centeredness, the company aims at value proposition and results driven operation to provide high quality products and a fulltime support for our clients 

Our Vision

To be the leading providers of Information Technology solutions for all types of businesses in all sectors and departments around the world for a better productivity.

Our Mission

To provide, reliable, affordable and quality technology solutions by enabling the transformation into a technology driven approach

"Technology for digital innovations"

Core Values:

  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • confidentiality
  • Innovativeness

What customers says about us!

Ambecom Technologies has been at the pick of its services and this has driven some testimonies from our customers.

Being a people centered company and putting its clients first in all operations basing on an ideology that “Customers are the reason we exist”, our services have been much appreciated by our clients