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CUUPOS is an extra ordinary business management system for all your business needs in business like hardware, electronics, pharmacies, drug shops, retail & wholesale shop, kitchen ware, supermarkets, stationary and many others. It is equipped with a simple point of sales interface for easy sales management. Aware that every business owner wants the best from the business, management decisions on stock, sales, expenditure and staff have all been made much easier as the system can easily give you all forms of reports. The profit analysis feature in our system helps business owners to know which products are pushing businesses business high and which products are stalling them behind. This future helps you identify weather you are making profits, losses  or just neutral.

The system has been designed to operate on mobile phones in a mobile app downloaded from play store or on all kinds of computers. A business can decide to operate any one of either mobile phone or computer system or can even operate both. For all your convenience our committed team offers full time support to clients on all parts of the system we are committed to take you through training and support for as long as it takes your team to get ready.

The system enables system owners to manage the business remotely and also establish daily, weekly or monthly sales reports for all sales persons involved over a certain period of time. This can be made individually for each persons or as a whole. The system supports multiple branches and allows receipts printing directly from a connected printer.

The system knows no boundary as it can operate in several countries both for entire business and individual branches. All users can be able to use the system simultaneously and operator on similar or different tasks simultaneously.

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  1. William

    This is surely a wonderful system. The way the computer system interacts with the mobile app is so wonderful.

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